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Up to 18,000 EUR loans for study abroad programmes

How we can help...

Do you want to study a masters at a European university outside your home country and you find it hard to cover your tuition or living costs?

We are offering financing of up to 12,000 EUR for one-year programmes and up to 18,000 EUR for masters of two years. This can cover:

  • Tuition fees
  • Monthly living costs of meals & rent (including rent deposit)
  • Books and other study materials
  • A new laptop
  • Medical insurance
  • Transportation
  • Urgent expenses and some backup

Financing of up to 18,000 EUR for masters programmes in Europe

Your advantages in working with us

  • Loan requirement assessment based on the university admission process
  • Affordable interest rate
  • No previous job or earnings required
  • No guarantees or mortgage needed
  • No costs for early repayment

…and we wait so that you can find your dream job before you start repaying the loan!*

*Thes terms and conditions are made possible due to the support offered by the European Union’s Loan Guarantee Mechanism based on EU Regulation nr. 1288/2013 issued by the European Parliament and by the Council launching the action named: “Erasmus+: European Union’s programme to support education, training, youth and sport (Erasmus)” managed by the European Investment Fund.


We finance students accepted at masters programmes at European universities, mainly in the UK, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Austria, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland.

We look for the following when assessing applications:

  • the reputation of the university and of the programme
  • employability statistics reported by the university
  • prospects after graduation in high employability economic sectors
  • reputation of previous education
  • previous academic performance of the applicant
  • previous internship or work experience of the applicant
  • International experience and mobility of the candidate
  • extra-curricular activities and other professional qualifications

Fixed eligibility criteria:

  • The applicant is accepted at a Masters programme at an European university in another country than that where the student graduated the previous education cycle.
  • The applicants is not black listed with outstanding/unpaid debts for previous loans by other financial institutions.

What do our students say:

FINS has a loan centred on my academic and professional profile rather than on my previous financial statements as other financing solutions from banks do. Therefore, I could get the loan straight after graduating my bachelor degree.

What's more, FINS structures the loan based on personal estimations of my monthly costs. I receive monthly payments to cover these costs and this greatly helps me out with managing my budget throughout my studies.

Also, the application process is very friendly, without the bureaucracy and rigidity of a regular financial institution. FINS became my main financial support pillar that enabled me to be studying abroad at the moment.
Alex Șotropa
Master's degree European Law - General Programme @ Universiteit Maastricht
Freedom and mobility are fundamental for any study experience, both at home and abroad and I believe that FINS enabled me to benefit from both of them. The fact that I need not worry that much about daily expenses allowed me the freedom to concentrate exclusively on my masters programme and on the extra-curricular activities.

Financial obstacles are without a doubt not only limiting but also extremely discouraging. It's very difficult to have a clear image of the future when you're forced to reconsider many of your needs because of a limited budget available or because of an unsustainable financial plan.

This loan made me a lot more financially responsible and made me aware that access to a competitive education system that is compatible with my needs and passions is a compelling argument to actively invest in my future.
Alice Chempf
Master in Human Rights and Humanitarian Action @ Paris School of International Affairs

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About us

FINS is a member of the EDUCATIVA Group

We have 12 years experience in delivering educational services and products, but we are just starting our venture into offering education loans to students.

We welcome any friendly advice or recommendation!

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